Nugget | knowledge bits
Micro-learning for people skills
nugget noun · a lump of something valuable · a lump of native gold. · nuggets of wisdom. · & don't forget the chicken.
Bite-size knowledge chunks to make learning waaay easier.
In a world of AI & automation
we believe that people skills will matter!
Learn in a new way

The way that we learn is changing;

Micro-learning is becoming the new norm;

Interact with a coach

You will have help in the learning process;

You can have online meetings with a coach to answer your questions;

Put skills into practice

Putting skills into practice is the most important step in learning something new;

You will have exercises and other methods to practice what you learn;

What you can do now
Mobile first web platform
As we are interacting more and more with our phones, our web platform has a user experience focused on a mobile view.
Also desktop option
You can use our platform at your desk, when taking a 5 minute break from work, to learn something new.
Cristi B.
The content is really high-quality and it has a great combination of text, images and videos.
Alexandra C.
I learned a lot of new things from the first Skill Improvement Plan for Active Listening.
Ready to learn new people skills?